Coaching - Yiely Ho
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It’s an Important and Personal Choice

The fit is so important. The essence of a successful coaching relationship relies on the depth of connection, safety and trust you feel.

My style of coaching is truly a collaboration. It starts with a conversation in the Discovery Session and we go from there.

For more information, check out the ICF Hiring Tips.

My Commitment to You

You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You bring 100% of you into the relationship, and I bring 100% commitment to supporting you in achieving success. Together, you get 200% toward the fulfillment of your vision and pursuits.

We begin with a 30-minute Sample Session either via telephone, FaceTime or Zoom. During this Discovery Session we look at what brought you to coaching and set the foundation for future coaching.

The Timeless Investment packages are designed to be used individually or combined for maximized effect. Each Timeless Investment package is specially customized to fit the individual.


  • Vision and Values

  • 3 Month Package

    • Discovering your values
    • Discovering your ideal future state
    • Actionable tools and strategies


    • Awareness of self
    • Awareness of others & systems
    • Leveraging your strengths
    • Moving through change

  • Career Change

  • 3 Month Package

    • Focus on career or life transitions
    • Orientation skills in uncertain, complex, or ambiguous situations


    • Define where you want to go
    • Clarify why this is important
    • Identify support systems
    • Creating actionable change

  • Leadership

  • 3 Month Package

    • Designed for executives in career transition
    • Customized learning plan
    • Continuous process support


    • Align personal values with goals
    • Identify differentiators
    • Confidence in change

  • Relationships

  • 3 Month Package

    • For teams dynamics and relationships
    • Focused on conflict management and communication
    • Continuous process support


    • Expanded self awareness
    • Deeper understanding of self and others
    • Confidence in change management
    • Conflict management skills

  • Health

  • 3 Month Package

    • Designed for amateur and competitive athletes
    • Customized success plan
    • Identify barriers and supports


    • Accelerated goal achievement
    • Enhancing your strengths
    • Understanding systems
    • Expanded well being

  • Communication

  • 3 Month Package

    • Designed for one-time or ongoing deliveries
    • Clarify your public speaking style
    • Specific tools and strategies


    • Confidence in public speaking
    • Refine your point
    • Enhanced presence
    • Projection training